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Accessories & Adaptors

Here is a list of useful equipment that I think all classrooms need to have to hand. Some of it is designed specifically for people with disabilities and others I have just found to be very useful!

Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard stickers are a versatile and inexpensive solution... [more]

PS/2 Extension Cable

Keyboard Extension cable (PS/2 or USB)

I use these mostly for keyboards that need to be lifted up on to standing frames or the occasional wheelchair.

Mouse 3

Mouser 3

This handy little device lets you:

  • plug two PS/2 mice into one computer,
  • add switches that operate as mouse buttons
  • turn off mouse buttons (e.g. disabling the right-click)
Serial Adaptor

PS/2 to serial adaptor

Useful if your computer doesn't have a PS/2 port, or if you want to install two mouse devices into one computer. This small adaptor allows you to plug a PS/2 device into an older serial socket.

PS/2 Adaptor

serial to PS/2 adaptor

This lets you plug older serial devices into a computer's PS/2 port, freeing up the serial port for other uses, or for computers that have no PS/2 port.

USB Adaptor

USB to PS/2 adaptor

Got a USB mouse but not USB port, or your USB ports are full? This device lets you plug your USB device into a PS/2 port.

USB Adaptor

PS/2 to USB adaptor

Some new computers (especially laptops) don't come with PS/2 ports, so you'll need this converter if you have a PS/2 device and find yourself with nowhere to plug the blighter in. Also allows you to plug more than one PS/2 mouse into a computer (typically PCs and laptops have several USB ports but only one PS/2 mouse port)

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