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Crayola Genius RollerballPreviously known as the Genius Rollerball and sometimes called the KidsBall.

The BigTrack is a popular, sturdy rollerball designed for early learners. It has a large, bright yellow ball that rolls smoothly and two large buttons corresponding the left and right buttons of a mouse. It doesn't require fine finger control and the ball is robust enough to be moved (and the buttons pushed) using feet our any other part of the body you might care to try.

The two buttons are located behind the ball which can make its easy to inadvertently knock the position of the cursor when reaching for them. For right-handed users this can often be solved by swapping the buttons across so that the right hand reaches for the right button, rather than across the ball. You can manually swap the buttons over in the Control Panel but there is also software on my download page that swaps the mouse buttons over with a single keypress.

Other button access difficulties can potentially be solved by buying a specially-made switch version the BigTrack or by using an additional switch interface. With either of these solutions you can plug in up to two switches (one for each button).

This device is available with a PS2 or USB plug.


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