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Keyboard Stickers

The letters on the keys of regular keyboards are notoriously pretty difficult to see for people with visual difficulties. They tend to use a grey-on-grey colour scheme and the font size rarely uses the full space available.

For people with visual difficulties

Keyboard stickers can provide an inexpensive solution to this problem. They use large fonts that fill the whole keytop and bright high-contrast colour schemes that are easier to see.

For people with print difficulties

Improved key visibility can also be useful for people with print difficulties, such as dyslexia, and more severe cognitive difficulties. They are a very easy way of replacing adding lower-case letters to keys.

It can be useful to simplify the keyboard by attaching stickers only to letter keys, thus making the other 70-odd keys less visually important and less of a distraction.

For alternative keyboard layouts

Keyboard Stickers can also be used to change the layout of a keyboard. Although keyboards with alternate layouts, such as ABC or DVORAK, are available from commercial suppliers it is possible to remap an existing keyboard and add stickers to it.

The only problem with keyboard stickers is their tendency to get mucky and peel off over time. Fortunately they're cheap enough to replace.

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