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Keyboard glovesThe KidGlove was designed with the help of the RNIB to give a high-visibility keyboard option to partially-sighted users. These gloves come with a keyboard to make sure that they fit perfectly. It is possible to buy the glove on its own, but since there are thousands of models of standard keyboard out there it might not fit very well.

The KidGlove is available in the following combinations::

  • Black on white
  • White on black
  • Black on yellow
  • Transparent

Multicolour versionIt is also available in a popular multicolour lower case version. The infrequently-used keys such as the numeric keypad are coloured blue and are without any markings so that they don't distract the user.

The gloves are attached to the underside of the keyboard using Velcro. This way they can be taken off when needed, or replaced with another glove. The glove's skin is very strong and will protect the keyboard from sticky fingers, spills and dirt. It is also pleasant to type on as the keys are soft and bouncy, however it is not so suitable for fast typists.


The following suppliers can provide the KidGlove. Appearance on this list does not indicate an endorsement by this site or the author of this site. If you are a supplier and are not on this list then please contact me.

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