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A 'standard' mouse is an integrated unit that is moved on a flat surface to position the cursor on your screen. I make this definition because mice differ greatly from rollerballs, joysticks and headpointers which all use a very different method of access to achieve the same goal. You can also use the keyboard or switches to move the pointer, or to accomplish the same tasks.

Find out what your options are if you struggle to use a mouse.

Tiny Mouse

Tiny Mouse

This mouse is significantly smaller than a regular mouse. Younger users can find it difficult to comfortably grasp a full-size mouse and reach the buttons. The buttons also have coloured spots marked on them (blue for left and red for right) for youngsters who are unsure which is which. This mouse connects to your computer using USB.

Tiny Mouse

Ladybird Mini Mouse

Another small mouse designed for small hands, this mouse is also designed to be motivating for younger children. I think these little mice brighten up any computer workstation. The scroll wheel lights up and the mouse connects to your computer via USB.