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Traxsys Joystick II

Penny &  Giles Joystick 2Traxsys was previously known as Penny & Giles Computer Products.

The Joystick II is a cut-down version of the Joystick Plus. It's missing several features but is significantly less costly and I've found that the features that are missing really are rarely used anyway.

Joystick 2 with Soft Knob handleThe joystick has just three buttons: a left click, right click, and a middle button. The middle button operates as a drag-lock for the left button. There are three switch inputs directly on the back of the joystick, doing away with the external adapter box that is a required extra on the Joystick Plus.

The Joystick II has a smaller guard than the Joystick Plus as it has no buttons lower on the unit. I have found that this is usually an advantage as a user can push the palm of their hand against the edge of the guard to steady themselves.

Joystick 2 with T Bar handleThe handle of the joystick is removable and can be replaced with other handles suitable for the gripping abilities of your user. The joystick is shipped with three standard handles.

As with all their products this joystick is very robust and can stand against being knocked around or even dropped. The Joystick II has been re-designed internally to make it more robust than the original Penny & Giles Joystick.

The Joystick II is fitted with a USB format cable but with a PS2 converter supplied.


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