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Traxsys Joystick Plus

Penny & Giles Joystick PlusTraxsys was previously known as Penny & Giles Computer Products.

The Joystick Plus is the more expensive alternative to the originally Joystick and newer Joystick II. It has a number of useful extra features.

Joysticks are ideal for those who struggle with a mouse and a rollerball, but where their condition doesn't leave them using switches for scanning. As with all the P&G joysticks and rollerballs, there is a removable guard protecting the buttons from accidental pressing. The large space at the front of the device allows the user to rest his or her wrist during operation. The Penny & Giles Joystick Plus is the most comprehensive in their range of Joysticks, having six buttons:

  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • X/Y Lock
  • Double Click
  • Drag Lock
  • Motion Speed Adjustment

 Switch Interface for the Joystick PlusThe joystick supports external switches for all of these functions. These switches (which need to be bought separately) are plugged into an optional special adapter which fits into the back of the joystick.

The device shown at the top of the page has an yellow "soft-knob" in place of the standard handle. As with the Joystick II, the handle of the joystick is removable and so can be replaced with other handles depending on the grip of your user. There are three standard handles available and these are the same as the ones that can fit onto most wheelchair joysticks.

The joystick has a USB cable (shipped with free PS2 adaptor) or the older serial format is still available.

When Semerc ship this joystick they call it the 'Semerc Joystick', but as far as I know it's still the Traxsys one underneath the Semerc sticker!


The following suppliers can provide the Joystick Plus. Appearance on this list does not indicate an endorsement by this site or the author of this site. If you are a supplier and are not on this list then please contact me.

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