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Find Out About: Hotspots in Clicker

Body with hotspots The Brain Lungs Heart Mouth Throat Kidney Kidney Liver? Small feline that was eaten alive as a dare one night who has taken up residence near the liver. A Hotspot is a part of an image that does something when you click on it or hover over it with the mouse pointer.

The world wide web is full of images that contain hotspots that are very useful in a variety of ways. For example, a picture of the human body could use hotspots to tell you more information about a particular part, without you having to know the word for it.

Hovering over a hotspot often gives you a 'tooltip' and clicking on the hotspot might open up another webpage, play a video or make a sound.

Hotspots in Clicker 4 work the same way as on the web. They're a great interactive way of labelling an image or navigating text-free through a set of grids.

An example in Clicker

Find out how to use hotspots in Clicker 4 by following my step-by-step tutorial.












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