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Searching for Sounds on the Internet

Most of us have found out about looking for pictures on the Internet using Google's image search. If you haven't seen it then go to and simply type in what you're looking for. There is further information on capturing images from the web in another related tutorial.

Google is a great search engine but it doesn't let you easily search for sounds. There are millions of useful sound effects and melodies on the Internet that are great for making powerpoint presentations or jazzing up Clicker grids.

Before Google came along most people used the Altavista search engine which can found at Simply click on the MP3/Audio tab and type in what you're looking for. Some of the results are designed for listening online only, while others let you download on to your hard drive.

Find Sounds

Wave Form ImageThe website was recommended to me by Sam Graham of Briton Ferry Special School in South Wales. It's an easy-to-use website that searches for sounds across the Internet. Search terms such as 'maximum file size' are very useful and in the search results it displays the length of each sound and even a waveform picture. The waveform shown here illustrates a particular tiger roar.

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