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Enabling Stickykeys for Windows logon

If you're not quite sure what StickyKeys is and how pupils can benefit from it then I recommend you visit my accessibility pages.

StickyKeys can be enabled at any time during a Windows session (including at logon) by pressing the SHIFT key 5 times. You can also use the Windows Control Panel to permanently enable StickyKeys but it won't let allow you to do this for the logon screen. It is, however, still possible to accomplish this by manually editing the Windows Registry. But it's quite tough in there and if you delete or change a value by accident there's no undo function and it can potentially have devastating effects on your operating system. So to make things a little easier here are some files that you can download that'll do the job for you!

The most useful feature of StickyKeys at logon is it allows you to use the CTRL+ALT+DEL logon command without needing to hold down all the keys at once.

Download StickyKeys at Logon

Please note that these are intended for Windows XP users only. They may work in other operating systems but I haven't tested this yet. Proceed with caution.

How to use

Click on the appropriate file above and when the computer prompts you I'd suggest that you choose 'Open'. The computer will also confirm if you want these changes merged into the registry and of course you should allow this.

Brief Disclaimer

As with all my software I can accept no liability should these patches cause any problems - sorry!

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