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Writing With Symbols 2000

Widgit's Writing with Symbols has been around for a long time and has secured itself as the leading symbol word processor available. Writing With Symbols 2000 was released several years ago and although to begin was a little unstable it has grown to come a robust and popular program that is used in SLD and PMLD schools across the country. Follw this link to find out more about symbols.

Writing With Symbols 2000 (WWS2000) has four 'modes' of operation. When it is launched the first thing that appears is a screen asking what you would like to use it for:

  • Write a symbol-supported document
  • Write a non-symbol supported document (but includes text-to-speech)
  • Create a communication grid resource for printing
  • Use a symbol grid activity

WWS2000 Tutorials

  • Getting your own pictures into WWS 2000 as symbols

  • Using a digital camera to take pictures of your youngster's friends and family can really boost their communication grids, and provides great instant rewards for those who use WWS2K as a literacy tool. Find out how to import your pictures into Writing With Symbols in a few easy steps. Also follow this tutorial for scanned analog photographs, logos or graphics taken from the Internet.
  • Getting images from the Web

  • The World Wide Web has a massive store of images. Find out how to grab logos and graphics straight from webpages, allowing you to import symbols for favourite television programmes, celebrities, cars, places... anything!