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Getting Pictures From The Internet

Any picture that is displayed on a computer screen can be converted and imported into Writing With Symbols 2000 or Clicker 4. This can be a great way to motivate pupils whether they are symbol users or, like my pupils, simply respond well to pictures.

Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you have some experience in browsing the world wide web. Before we start I should tell you that graphics can be easily saved directly from webpages but I've chosen to show you a slightly more round-about route as many webpages don't let you save their graphics anymore. This is because often graphics are split into little bits called image maps which can cause problems, and some 'graphics' are actually Flash animations.

This method is pretty much foolproof :)

Internet Explorer Icon

Start by launching your web browser, usually Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows users.

Google Search

I'm now going to search for a page that's likely to contain the graphics that I'm looking for. To do this I would use my favourite search engine, Google, which is available at External Link. In the search for box I will type in exactly what I'm looking for; in this case 'Ipswich Town Football Club Logo'

Google results screenshot

Up pop the results and right at the top of the list is the most likely culprit. Try to avoid clicking on the irrelevant adverts (in this case for the eBay auction site) as they're unlikely to lead you where you want to go.

Ipswich Town Football Club Logo

Following this link takes me to a page and voila: there is the football club's logo ready for me to take away. I do this by pressing Print Screen. This is a key on your keyboard that's usually up on the top-right near to the Num Lock key. It is often abbreviated to Prt Sc. 'Back in the days' this key used to dump the text that was being sent to the console through to the PRN port. It doesn't anymore so don't worry - your printer isn't about to start printing :)

It's worth noting that you're probably supposed to get written permission before using anyone's copyrighted material such as a logo for these purposes. Still time is short and I don't want lawyers to run out of work...

Minimise and close buttons

We're done with the web browser so you can close it or minimise it if you want to come back later. How you complete the next part of the tutorial really depends on what graphics software you have installed on your machine. Personally I use Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop, depending on what I want to accomplish. For the ITFC logo I would most likely use Paint Shop Pro. Since different people have different software I'm going to use Microsoft Paint. Everybody who has Windows has Paint. It's been about since at least Windows 3.1, perhaps as far back as 3.0 or even 2.0. Paint might not be the best tool for the job but everyone has it and it's easy to use.

Launching Paint

To start paint go to Start, click on Run, and type Paint. Click OK.

Alternatively find Paint in your Start menu hierarchy (it's usually under accessories).

If you can't find paint and it won't run from the start menu then chances are it's not installed on your computer. If you don't know how to add this component then ask someone technical.

Paint screenshot

Up pops Paint. Now here's the magical part: go to the the Edit menu and choose Paste. Your webpage should appear in the painting program.

The shortcut for Edit > Paste is CTRL+V. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, tap V once and your picture should appear. This shortcut combination can be used in virtually all programs.

Selection Tool

Now its time to select the part of the webpage that you're going to use: the logo. Click on the Selection tool in the toolbar.

Cropping ITFC logo

Drag a box around the area that you want to use as your symbol. Be sure to keep this as tight as possible around the image or you could confuse your symbol user.

Copy To Menu

Keeping your mouse pointer within the box you've just drawn, press the right mouse button and select "Copy To..." from the list. If a list doesn't appear when you press the right mouse button then go to the Edit menu and choose Copy To.. from there.

Browse for pictures

Finally choose a place to save your file. Make sure to save it in a sensible place and give it a name that you will remember later.

I am going to save mine in a folder called "My Pictures" and I'm going to call it "itfc logo".

You have now successfully grabbed a graphic from the world wide web and stored it on your hard drive.

If you want to attach it as a symbol to a word in Writing With Symbols you will need to follow my tutorial on putting your own pictures into Writing With Symbols 2000.

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