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One of the huge advantages in using a computer to produce written text is the spell checker which helps avoid the embarrassment of spelling mistakes. Spell checking is of particular importance to people with dyslexia as spelling is very often a particularly troublesome area amongst this group. But does Microsoft Word, surely the most common spell checker in use, provide enough support or is a specialist product required?

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft word has a built-in spell checkerr that suits many people but some may find it limiting or inaccessible. The Word spell checker includes an Autocorrect feature which can be helpful for people who consistently make the same mistakes. However the Autocorrect feature also has some disadvantages which could lead to a degradation in spelling.
  • TextHelp Read & Write

  • TextHelp Read & Write is one of a number of software products designed to support users with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties. Amongst other features it has a specialist flexible spell checker which can be fully customised to your pattern of errors.

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