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Symbols on the Internet

When Writing With Symbols 2000 was released by Widgit we found that we could quickly transcribe text from the web into a symbol-supported version simply by copying and pasting text.

Now there are two browsers available which directly support symbols. They parse pages and add symbols on-the-fly without the need to cut and paste.

  • Communicate: Web Wide

  • I'm currently reviewing Communicate: WebWide. Stay tuned for further information.
  • The WWAC Browser

  • The other browser is the result of a community software project sponsored by the European Social Fund. The World-Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (WWAAC) Project identified that current use of the Internet relied on a user being able to read and write text and set out to do something about it.

Symbols without the Browser

There are also one or two sites popping up that use symbols on their pages nativey, so you don't need a special browser in order to view them.

Check out and They are both great examples with stacks of symbol-supported content.

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