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BigTrack rollerball


A really sturdy but very inexpensive rollerball. This rollerball is so robust it can be operated with your foot!


Traxsys Roller

Traxsys Roller

Traxsys were previously known as Penny & Giles.

A good rollerball with a guard to reduce accidental-button pressing and a long-standing reputation.


N-Abler rollerball

n-Abler Rollerball

This is a new rollerball on the scene. It shares many features with the Traxsys Roller Plus but comes in a little cheaper and may even have one or two advantages.


Kidtrac Rollerball

KidTRAC Rollerball

Very sturdy rollerball with bright colour-coded buttons to help pupils who struggle with the concept of left and right mouse buttons.

The central green button drag-locks the left mouse button.

The Inclusive Technology version of the KidTRAC has sockets on the back so switches can be used in the place of any of the three buttons.

Logitech rollerball

Logitech Optical Rollerball

This requires very accurate control, but can be ideal for some pupils with restricted movement.


Microsoft EasyBall

Microsoft EasyBall

A really large ball but can be quite difficult to grip and is too lightweight.

Also it's no longer manufactured so getting hold of one can be rather difficult!