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Using Clicker 4 to Trap the Mouse

'Mouse Trapping' is a feature built right into Clicker 4 that can make a huge difference to many pupils (and teachers!). Whether they are doing it intentionally or not, many pupils click on things that we would rather they left alone. How many times have you set a Clicker activity up with a child only to find ten minutes later that Clicker has gone and the screen is full of odd messages from an unknown origin?

Clicker allows you to trap the mouse into the grid area of Clicker. This means that the pointer can't be taken up to those tempting menus or even to the Windows' start button. It's great for touchscreen users as their fingers do have a tendency to inadvertently hit all sorts of things!

Mouse Trapping is incredibly easy to set up (probably takes about 20 seconds) and of course I have produced a tutorial to take you through it step by step!

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