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Clicker 4

Clicker 4 has for many years been one of my favourite computer programs. Essentially it's a speech-supported word processor with an intuitive and flexible word bank in the form of grids. Read more about what Clicker 4 does...

Clicker 4 Tutorials

Clicker Grid

Creating & Editing Grids

This is a guide to the basics of creating and editing your own clicker grids.


Access Methods

One of the great features of Clicker 4 is that it can be accessed by mouse, rollerball, joystick, mouse dwell, touchscreen, single switch, or double switch scanning. This tutorial requires you to download the free Flash plugin if it isn't already on your computer.


Trapping the Mouse

Keep your user's mouse (or touchscreen point) where you want it and stop them accessing menus either on purpose or accidentally.



Extending Clicker

The nice folk at Cricksoft, along with many teachers, have been putting free premade clicker grids on the web for us to download. Find out how to access them here!


Creating a Clicker Jukebox

This is a tutorial that demonstrates how Clicker's grids are so flexible you can even make an CD system.


A Body of Hotspots The Brain Lungs Heart Mouth Throat Kidney Kidney Liver? Small feline that was eaten alive as a dare one night who has taken up residence near the liver.


Hotspots are a great and easy way to make your own fancy interactive grids.