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Clicker 4 Access Methods Contents


These pages assume that you are familiar with the basics of Clicker 4. If you are not sure, be sure to read my Basic Introduction to Clicker.

One of the things that makes Clicker so versatile is the number of ways that the Grids can be accessed. This collection of pages concentrates on the six ways that Clicker can be accessed using mice, joysticks, rollerballs, touchscreens and switches. Go through all six pages in order or use the following table to lookup a specific access method:

  Moving around the grid Selecting a cell
1 Mouse, Joystick or Rollerball Mouse buttons (left or right button)
2 Mouse, Joystick, Rollerball or Headpointer Single switch
3 Mouse, Joystick, Rollerball or Headpointer Nothing (Mouse Dwell)
4 Touchscreen Touchscreen press
5 Nothing (Dwell Scanning) Switch
6 Switch 1 Switch 2

If you're interested in Clicker Access but you've only got a minute then I suggest you read my JaM tip about Trapping the Mouse!