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Extending Clicker 4

Cricksoft, the makers of Clicker 4, plus many teachers around the country, have been kind enough to share grids that they have made and put them on the Internet ready for us to download and use. You can download these for free from

There are a great many grids on the website, where they've been categorised into subject so that you can easily find what you're looking for. If you can't find a suitable grid then have a look at our tutorial showing how to make your own grids - but if you do please consider submitting it to so that others can use it too!

Downloading Grids

Screenshot of

Load up your web browser and go to The list of categories appears on the left of the screen. Select one that looks interesting.

Geography section of

Subcategories will now appear in the middle of the screen. Since I selected 'Geography', I now have a list of subcategories relevant to the subject. Select a subcategory.

Clicker 4 area of

Now we're given a list of grids available for download. But look out - not all of these grids are suitable for Clicker. Some are designed for Cricksoft's other programs - ClozePro and WordBar. Scroll down the page until you see the list of Clicker resources (there may be none in the particular subcategory that you've chosen). Click on the name of the grid to find out more information.

A preview of the grid available to download

We now get a good screenshot of the grid with a little information about who it's suitable for and what it does. If we like the look of it we can download it by clicking on the 'Windows' or 'Mac' links under the Free Download sign. You might want to make a note of the location that this resource installs into. This will be where to find your grid later on in the clicker hierarchy.

Type in your username and password

To download resources from the site, you need to be a registered user. If you have a user name and password, enter them now. You will otherwise need to select the 'Free Registration' link at the top of the page to sign up for the site. Thomas Wolsey School users: We already have a username and password for you to share. If you're not sure what it is then speak to the school technician.

A security warning box.

You will now be brought back to the page with the screenshot of the resource. Click on the 'Windows' or 'Mac' link again and this time a download dialog should pop up. Windows users should get an option to Open or Run the file from its current location, or Save it to your computer. If you're installing the grid on the computer that you're currently using then you can select Open (or Run). If you want to save it for later then choose Save. If you selected Open or Run then the program will automatically install itself when the download is complete (this usually takes one or two minutes).

In order to use the Grid in Clicker you will have to find it. This should have been noted earlier on as the location that the resource was installed in to. It will usually be under the CGfL folder.

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