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Clicker 4 - Trapping the Mouse

Trapping the Mouse

In Clicker 4 the mouse cursor can be 'trapped' underneath the line that separates Clicker Writer from Clicker Grid. In fact, by trapping the mouse to Clicker Grids, your pupil will no longer be able to leave Clicker or run any other programs on top. The Clicker 4 grid can work with programs other than Clicker Writer such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word and that's where Mouse Trapping becomes really useful.

Please note that these features do not work in Clicker 5.

Clicker Screenshot

Make sure Clicker is running and you are logged on as the user you want to apply the trapping to. You will need to trap the cursor at the start of every session, and untrap it at the end. Go to the Options menu, and select User Preferences.

Clicker Screenshot

Click on the Other tab. Now simply click the Trap Mouse tickbox. Go to OK and you should find that the mouse is trapped in the clicker grid area, ready for your user to begin their work.

At the end of the session you'll need to untrap the mouse so that you can save the work, print, and finally exit from the program. Since the mouse is trapped in the grid, you have little option but to use the keyboard to escape!

Press ALT+O and then hit ENTER to select User Preferences. You should now find that you mouse is working again, but if you were to click OK now it would retrap itself. If you want to untrap it properly go to the Other tab and untick the Trap Mouse tickbox.

Clicker Screenshot

Even with the mouse trapped, the user can still fiddle with the toolbar at the top of the grid. To turn this off, follow these easy steps:

Clicker Screenshot

Go to the Options menu and choose User Preferences again. This time, click on the Toolbars tab. Uh oh... you have a choice here. You can either remove the whole toolbar (see next step) or you can remove individual buttons. To remove the buttons, just click on the one's you don't want anymore. You can also do this for the main toolbar at the top of Clicker Writer. To turn them on/off click on the icon. In the screenshot, left, I have taken off all the buttons except the Backspace, Delete Word, and Return - all of which are often used appropriately by a user.

Clicker Screenshot

If, however, you want to be really strict and get rid of the whole toolbar, just select No Tools.