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Clicker 5

Clicker 5 is the latest version of Crick Software's writing support and multimedia tool, replacing the popular Clicker 4.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use word processor which enables you to write with whole words, phrases or pictures. But it is flexible enough to go much further than this and its accessibility options, including switch access, allows motivating activities to be made almost on-the-fly.

I am still using Clicker 4 in my assessments but I have written a full preview of Clicker 5 which will be updated when I acquire a copy.

Clicker 5 Tutorials

Since I do not have a copy of Clicker 5 I have not written any tutorials. I have, however, plenty of useful tutorials for Clicker 4.

Other Resources

  • The Clicker 5 Guide External Link

  • This guide (which is found on Crick Softwares website) doesn't take long to read and introduces you to the common features of Clicker 5.

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