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Firefox Colour Schemes

Changing the colour scheme of text involves changing text colour (foreground) and/or the page colour (background). This can help many computer users by reducing glare and therefore reducing eye fatigue and headaches. It can also help people who are sensitive to certain colours or can not easily read text in a black on white format such as is found by many people with scotopic sensitivity syndrome or dyslexia.

Before you start you need to have set your own preferred colour scheme for Windows. You can do this using a free program such as Screen Tinter Lite or by delving into the Windows Control Panel. These changes appear automatically in Microsoft Word and in Windows dialogs, but not the web pages shown in Firefox (or Internet Explorer).


This what we are working towards. Here is the same page from my site shown using three different colour schemes:

Better Living Through Technology Screen Capture: Black On White

Example One

Black on white - this is the default setting for the website. It is perfectly readable for many people but the white generates a lot of glare.


Better Living Through Technology Screen Capture: Pink

Example Two

Dark Red on Light Red - a shift towards the red results in far less glare and can help people with visual disorders such as Scotopic Sensitivity.

Better Living Through Technology Screen Capture: Yellow on Black

Example Three

Yellow on Black - suitable for people with more severe visual difficulties.

Enabling your Colour Scheme

It's really easy to enable your colour scheme in Firefox. You must have already used the Windows Control Panel or Screen Tinter Lite to establish your own custom colours before continuing.

Firefox Tools Menu

Select Options... from the Tools menu.

ALT + T, O

Firefox Options Dialog
Select the Content icon in the dialog that appears.

[Arrow Keys]

Firefox Options Dialog Colors Button
Click on the Colors... button which you'll find in the Fonts & Colors section of this page.


Firefox Allow Pages To Choose Their Own Colors

Untick the box labeled "Allow pages to choose their own colors..."



Firefox Use System Colors
By default Firefox will use the colors specified in the Text and Background colour boxes. If you want to use the same colour scheme that you have defined for Word and the rest of Windows then you will need to tick the box labeled "Use system colors".


The BLTT web page using custom system colours

Close the two open dialogs by clicking OK on both of them. Your page will not change colours instantly - you will need to reload it by pressing the refresh button or F5.



As well as selecting alternative colours you may want to explore your browser's page magnification options.