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The JAWS Screenreader

JAWS is an excellent screenreader made by Freedom Scientific External Link in the United States. It is designed for people with no functional vision who rely entirely on speech and/or tactile output from their computer.

Common JAWS Keystrokes

Getting to grips with the many keystrokes is an important step in learning to use a screen reading program. In addition to learning the JAWS-specific keystrokes you will also need to be familiar with the common Windows keystrokes.

Downloadable Help Sheets

These helpsheets are designed to be used by people who are new to using JAWS and/or Microsoft Windows. They are in Microsoft Word format:

Download a trial version of JAWS

Available from the Freedom Scientific website, this trial version of JAWS is 53 Mb so you'll need a broadband connection in order to complete the download.

The JAWS users mailing list

The JAWS users mailing list has been created to provide a place where users can discuss any aspect of the program. It is an extremely active mailing list so expect to receive dozens of emails each deal. Because it is so active it is also an extremely useful and endless source of information. To subscribe to the JAWS mailing list, simply send a message to with the word subscribe on the subject line.

The UK mailing list

There is also a popular mailing list for JAWS users in the UK. This list is a little less busy than the international list mentioned above. To subscribe to the JAWS UK list you will need to enter your email address at External Link