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On-Screen Keyboards

About OSKs

An On-Screen Keyboard (frequently abbreviated to OSK) is a visual representation of a standard keyboard that can be installed on any Windows computer.

OSKs vary a lot in their features. Some are accessible by a variety of pointing devices and some can be accessed by switches and a variety of other innovative access solutions.

Find out all you need to know about who uses on-screen keyboards and their features by reading my article on accessing text without a keyboard.

Available OSKs

Windows XP OSK

The Windows XP On-Screen Keyboard FREE

This OSK comes free with every copy of Windows XP. Its features are rather limited but it can be handy either as a backup or for the occasional basic use... [more]

Dasher OSK

Dasher FREE

The Dasher OSK is completely different from any other on-screen keyboard. As a result of its innovative interface users are able to type 20-30 words per minute without having to look at prediction wordlists... [more]

Penfriend Screenshot

Penfriend On-Screen Keyboard and Word Prediction

This program is word prediction first and on-screen keyboard second. Although the keyboard is limited it is suitable for mouse-users and the accompanying word prediction engine makes it a very popular choice... [more]

Click N Type On-screen Keyboard

Click N Type FREE

Click N Type is a powerful switch-accessible on-screen keyboard that includes word prediction and is free to download... [more]

Clicker 4

Clicker 4

The grids of Clicker 4 can be used as a very flexible on-screen keyboard with any program including Microsoft Word. It supports prediction (through Penfriend) and has a variety of switch access options, audio cueing and picture support (including symbol sets if you have them installed)... [more]

Clicker 5

Clicker 5

Clicker 5 has all the features of Clicker 4 (see above) except it will not send to any program other than its own word processor. NEW Clicker 5.2 now integrates with the Penfriend prediction program... [more]

OSKs for the Apple Mac

Keystrokes Screenshot


KeyStrokes for the Apple Mac supports mouse access (including rollerball, joystick, headpointer and so on). It has prediction and dwell delay features and works across all OS X Applications.

A further information and animated demo is available on the AssistiveWare site External Link.

Development Roadmap

I am in the process of inspecting and reviewing some other on-screen keyboards. I shall add these to this list when complete. Meanwhile you can have a look at their web pages:

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