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Screen Tinter Lite

Screen Tinter Lite from Thomson Software Solutions External Link provides a quick, easy and free way to adjust the colour properties of your Windows display.

It is a great tool to help those with scotopic sensitivity or other related reading difficulties; or to help those who wish to reduce the glare from their screen. Changing the screen's colour scheme could also potentially motivate learners with more severe cognitive difficulties.

It's a very simple program to use and a real relief to anyone who's attempted to use Windows' own advanced Control Panel display settings. It doesn't allow the same scope as the control panel options, however, as it only changes the foreground and backgroun d colours of the Window Text item. Although this will often be enough, users should be aware of Windows' built-in, but rather idiosyncratic, ability to change the colour scheme of other items (such as menus and toolbars) as well as font styles and sizes of various elements.

How to Use

Screen Tinter LITE Screenshot

Screen Tinter Lite is very easy to use. Simply select the foreground and background colours from the recommended palette or make up your own colour using red, green and blue (RGB) values.

A reset button allows windows to immediately revert to its default black-on-white settings.

Applying the Colours

Screen Tinter Lite will change Microsoft Word's colour scheme automatically but you will need to take extra steps to make it work with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Adobe Reader.


Using the Control Panel instead of Screen Tinter Lite

You can improve visual access to Windows using the following three methods:




Screen Tinter Lite

Allows you to change the text and background in colour in three clicks. Applies to Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. Does not enlarge fonts.

Windows Control Panel Built-in Schemes

Allows you to select from a list of pre-made schemes, including large fonts. Applies to the whole of Windows, including Internet Explorer and Word.

Windows Control Panel Fine-Tuning

Allows you to fine-tune each aspect of Windows to suit your exact needs. This includes setting exact font sizes and colour schemes across all programs including Word and Internet Explorer.