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Inclusive Technology SwitchIT Series

Inclusive's popular and long-running SwitchIT series consists of fifteen titles suitable for switch users and people with severe learning difficulties. They are designed to be lots fun while training in switch access, cause-and-effect, timing and choice making.

The series is broadly split into two groups. The first generation came out many years ago and deals mostly with cause-and-effect through picture-building. The titles are as follows:

SwitchIt! At Home
SwitchIt! Diggers
SwitchIt! Gadgets
SwitchIt! Opposites
SwitchIt! Patterns
SwitchIt! Pictures
SwitchIt! Scenes
SwitchIt! Weather
SwitchIt! Ziko World

Inclusive decided to give newer titles a bit of a make-over and consequently have much better gaphics, animations and sounds. Not only that but there are more activities involving flashcards and story-building as well as the traditional picture-building. The titles in the new series also has an incredible array of options that allow you to customise the program perfectly for individual pupils.

SwitchIt! Christmas
SwitchIt! Farm
SwitchIt! Hygiene
SwitchIt! People
SwitchIt! Weather
SwitchIt! Collection