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SwitchIt People!

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SwitchIt People! is a set of simple switch activities suitable for the very young up to older students with severe learning difficulties. A switch can also be substituted for touchscreen, mouse or other pointing device or a keyboard. Like all the titles in Inclusive's second generation of their long-running SwitchIt! series, it includes Flashcard, Picture Building and Story activities.


The activities are based around the careers of people who help us (such as firemen and nurses). At any point the image of the screen can be sent to your printer using CTRL + P. This have proven to be very rewarding and motivates many pupils to finish picture building exercises. Here's an example of the activities related to the police.

Fours screenshots of police flashcards


The first flashcard appears when the switch is pressed. Another press will read the label aloud using recorded speech. A subsequent next switch press will move onto the next flashcard.

Flashcards can also be printed out to be used in an activity. For example a classroom assistant could hold the picture of the policeman's hat and prompt the pupil to point to the person who wears that hat.

Police Picture Building Activitiy Screenshot

Picture Building

Multiple switch presses (adjustable in the options) allow a user to build up a simple picture bit-by-bit. Each time a switch is pressed a new component is added to the picture. At then end there's a little animation and sound as a reward.

Police Story Building Activitiy Screenshot

Story Building

The idea of building a story, rather than a single image, using a switch was first brought about in the SwitchIt series. As far as I'm aware it is still unique to Inclusive software.

The process is essentially the same as picture building only the pictures are animated and tell a story representing the concept. This has proven to be extremely motivating and many users want to watch the same story again and again!


The full list of concepts for SwitchIt People is as follows:


Ambulance, Paramedics, Stretcher, Postman, Parcel, Letter, Post Box, Dinner Lady, Dinner, Gravy Jug, Mechanic, Spanner, Policeman, Police Hat, Hand Cuffs, Burglar, Lollipop Lady, Zebra Crossing, Bin Man, Refuse Lorry, Nurse, Medicine, Fireman, Fire Engine, Supermarket, Shopping, Money, Caretaker, Mop and Teacher.

Picture Building

Ambulance, Paramedics, Postman, Dinner Lady, Breakdown Man, Policeman, Lollipop Lady, Zebra Crossing, Refuse Lorry, Nurse, Fire Engine, Fireman, Supermarket, Caretaker and Teacher.

Story Building

Paramedics, Postman, Dinner Lady, Breakdown Man, Policeman, Lollipop Lady, Refuse Collector, Nurse, Fire Fighters, Supermarket, Caretaker and Teacher.


Having a good set of options is incredibly important for switch users and people with severe cognitive difficulties. Although they are almost endless and cover every possible need, the options are laid out in an intuitive and manageable manner.

Find out more about the Options found across the SwitchIt Range.


SwitchIt People, along with the rest of Inclusive's excellent update to the SwitchIt series, is a beacon to other manufacturers as to how these simple activities should be made and presented. The graphics are basic but beautiful with clear lines and bright colours, smooth animations and appropriate sound effects. Almost every aspect of access and presentation can be adjusted using the program's comprehensive options page.

There are some wonderful highlights in SwitchIt People that even adults will adore - check out the cat on the roof during the Fireman story!

SwitchIt People! is now available from Inclusive Technology External Link


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