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Alternative Shells in Windows

This article is under construction as I need to add some video and for that I need a video camera for the job! But briefly this is what it is about:

Web sites that are designed to be accessible for people with learning difficulties are very useful but many of their intended users struggle with the complex nature of the method of accessing them: namely the Microsoft Windows & Internet Explorer environments.

Internet Explorer can be easily replaced with a simpler web browser such as Communicate: Webwide which has an easier interface and can even add symbol support to every site your visit. However our users still have to struggle with Windows XP or Vista in order to get to the web browser. Or do they...?

This article will look at Windows' abilities to replace itself with any program that normally runs on it. This allows your computer to boot directly into a web browser or word-processor without the Start Menu, Task Bar or Desktop ever appearing. While it makes computers less functional it also makes them faster, more reliable and much easier to use.

More information coming soon once I tracked down a video camera...

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