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Visual Difficulties

Tip of the Week: Find out how adjusting the Windows Display can help people with a variety of visual difficulties.

Mild Vision Difficulties

Most people with mild visual difficulties such as myopia and computer vision syndrome (CVS) could improve their access to the computer by getting to know the basics of the Microsoft Windows display and customising it for their needs. Changing font sizes, styles, spacing and colours have all proven successful for many of my clients as has reducing the visual clutter of the display.

Severe Vision Difficulties

People with more severe visual difficulties such as low vision and no functional vision may find that a properly-customised computer can provide access to materials that were previously difficult or impossible. A combination of free adaptations and specialist software and/or hardware can enable access to resources such as eBooks and the Internet. Additional devices such as Pocket Magnifiers and Video Magnifiers can help people access pictures, text and other objects away from the computer.

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