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Mild Visual Difficulties

Milder visual difficulties can often be helped by tweaking a few options in your operating system that affect the size and colour combination of objects and text on the screen.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Word

  • Uncluttering Word

  • Removing the clutter from Word can really make visual access a lot better and I believe can even reduce headaches and lower stress. Word is notorious for its clutter of icons and text - most of which an average person never uses. Find out how to safely turn Word into a simple, straightforward visually accessible word processor.
  • Setting font styles Permanently

  • A lot of my website mentions the importance of the visual accessibility of text, not least in my overview and self-assessment article (below). But once you've got your text to your specifications how to you tell Microsoft Word that this is how you want your documents formatted from now on?
  • Text Accessibility Options in Microsoft Word

  • Word has some very powerful and extremely useful font accessibility options just waiting to be experimented with.

The roadmap for this area

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  • The Internet

  • I am in the process of writing some articles on adjusting the visual accessibility of websites browsed by Internet Explorer and Firefox.